The Stipend has been provided since Year 2014  

     After survey all the government schools and villages in Amphur Bangklam, there are many families suffering from the financial problems around the area.

     The purpose of the Stipend is provided to encourage the students from hardship families and study diligently in the government schools of Amphur Bangklam, so as the same mind to be willing to serve and contribute to their own society in the future after keeping studying with good performances.


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Since CC&PP surveyed all the government schools and some of villages in Amphur Bangklam......

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Provide the stipend to all students of government schools studying.....

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Condition & Qualification

High school: 3.00 above, Secondary school: 3.00 above, Primary school: 3.20 above

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Time schedual

start up a scholarship in May-June of each year

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Flow chart

This flow chart will show how is the processing of Stipend for Hardship Family Student.....

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