Corporate Charity & Positive Power (CC&PP) concern not only in all people's living life of the society & community, but also in consideration of social community development.

     After we investigated and discovered in Amphur Bangklam area and near by, there are lots of hardship people need help about the environment they are suffered from natural disaster and cause to the ecomonical & financial issues.

     Therefore, to establish the projects for social development in Amphur Bangklam, Songkhla by cooperate with the government organizations, community leaders and integrated resources around the area for sustainable development and improvement with a good performance especailly in the economy to increase their quality of life in the social & community.


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Corporate Charity & Positive Power (CC&PP) has a vision to helping social in Amphur Bangklam, to help people to have better living situation, to serve the social as the same mind with us......

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Corporate Charity & Positive Power (CC&PP) has a major vision about making better social for better life of people in Amphur Bangklam.......

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In social development project we aim to do sustainable improvement of society, therefore we have made many project for social development......

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