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       Hopelands established by Green River Group (Thailand) to provide special stable financial subsidies for students and adolescents in the disadvantaged families who have broken their families without parents or have parents but no ability to earn a living in the communityAfter helping to improve their living economy situation, all of student members can focus on their further studies to achieve self-reliance in their own careerThrough the adoption and donation support, the love will be spread to the corners of every town in the communityIt is hoped that Adoption Support System of the Hopelands can attract more people who are interested in participation together.

       K. Hubert Hsieh, Chairman of Green River Group (Thailand), KDavid Huang, Vice Chairman of Green River Group (Thailand), and KUrania Hung, Group Chief Officer of Green River Group (Thailand), passionately take care of students and families in need every month in Amphur Bangklam.

         As the COVID-19 overspread in all area during this period, and cause to the economic getting worse then.  Therefore, the company consider the difficulties in living life and the health of the families in the communities especially in the students without parents.

         In Jun, Jul, and Aug 2021, CC&PP Division representative of Green River Group (Thailand) go to all of communities to provide donating money to students and families, and also giving organic vegetables from Pure Technology CO.,LTD. to take care and promote good health, and far from disease to continue fighting.