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       During the COVID-19 pandemic period in Thailand especially in Songkhla Province been increasing daily including in Amphur Bangklam which is considered the much vulnerable area.

Therefore, the Medical Personnel, Staffs and OSMs have to work hard to take care and protect people to against Covid-19 infection.

       Ms. Urania Hung, the Group Chief Officer of Green River Group (Thailand) and the Chairman of Pure Technology., LTD. of the Group, is always considered everyone's healthy status of all partners to work in the Vaccination centre  in person.

       On 23rd July 2021 at 15.00pm, Ms Urania Hung and CC&PP Division team, the representative of Green River Group (Thailand) and Pure Technology., LTD. of the Group, went to Bangklam Community Hall, the place of the Vaccination Centre held in Amphur Bangklam to provide the drinking water and organic vegetables to all of members for taking care and promoting their good healthy, and far from Covid-19 to continue fighting.

        Ms. Napassorn Intrarasupa of CC&PP Division of Green River Group (Thailand) as the representative

of Ms. Urania Hung  to encourage and remind everyone to improve their self-immunity to fight Covid-19.